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Gladen Construction Inc., an Equal Opportunity Employer, is a third generation family owned company in north central Minnesota, thatís involved in all types of heavy and highway construction. Our main office and shop is located 14 miles south of Bemidji, MN on US highway 71.
     As a company we have talents and expertise that enable us to be more diversified, such as all types of Excavating, Grading, Large Box Culverts, Piping, Utilities, Reclamation, State, County, Township, Railroad, and Mining work. Our employees have good ideas and have the work ethic of our parents and grandparents. Gladen Construction Inc. is proud of the work we do and the personnel that motivate our company. With our fleet of modern equipment, a very competent group of supervisory personal, and experienced operators, Gladen Construction Inc. is confident that we can do any type of earth moving projects in the Highway & Heavy Construction fields.
     Our goals are to have a good safe working relationship with our clients and to grow with them. We are also looking to expand our region of work into the private sector with a strong emphasis on quality work that will have our clients requesting us to do future projects with them.


                             FOSSTON, MN 2012                                                                      MAPLE RIVER, ND 2012


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