Shortly after World War II, Clarence Gladen started a road construction and land clearing business with four brothers. After buying out his brothers over the next few years, he retired in 1960 and sold the business to his two sons Glenn and Robert Gladen. Glenn and Robert worked under the name of Gladen Brothers until 1974, at which time the business was incoporated into Gladen Construction, Inc.
Due to the loss of Robert Gladen in an auto accident in 1980 and the economic conditions during the early 1980's,  the company weathered 5 years of extremely trying conditions.  After performing many operator functions, Clayton Gladen joined his father in 1985 in managing the business.  Clayton's brother, Tim joined them as a co-owner in 1989.  The three of them managed the company together until 1994 when Glenn retired and Clayton and Tim purchased the rest of the company.  Tim retired in 2014 and Clayton purchased his share to become the company's sole owner.  The company is now entering it's 4th generation of ownership with addition of Clayton's children and nephew.
Since 1984 the company has grown from 15 employees to 80 employees, and 20 machines and trucks to 131 offroad construction machines, and over 68 licensed trucks & vehicles.
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